The total construction cost for a new house is one of the most important aspect of building and of course a big concern for any owner. Roughly the cost for building a concrete of steel house is between 800 to 1500 €/m² depending on the complexity and interior luxury features of the house. For an extensive renovation, the cost can be as low as 100 €/m² to as high as 1000 €/m²  depending on the requirement of the owner. 

The list below, gives an indication of the current (2014) construction cost in Cyprus. The price are indicative for the construction of a 250 m² house. For any construction or renovation project we always give our clients a lump sum price which is binding and covers the total cost for their project.

The prices below, include material and labor cost unless otherwise noted. For more information you can contact us and request a quotation for you project.


cost excavation prices times eskafes paphos

Earthworks include excavation and back-filling for foundation construction. Towards the completion of a building there will also be some earthworks for landscaping purposes.

Buildings with basement will require an excavation to about 3-4 m deep from the street level. After excavation you may proceed with pouring a thin layer of blinding concrete and then proceed with the construction of the foundation.

Buildings without a basement will typically require excavation for removing the soft surface soil. The excavation can be 0.2 m - 2 m deep, depending of the height of the building and the soil conditions. After excavation the soil is compacted with a vibratory roller compactor. Then, we proceed with back-fill using stronger soil (crusher-run) which is applied in thin layers (approx 10-20 cm) and compacted using a vibratory roller compactor. At the same time is important to keep the soil at the predefined water contend to achieve the maximum compaction.

Job Description Unit Price
Excavation of soft soil 3,0 - 3,5  €/m³
Excavation of hard soil 5,0-7,0  €/m³
Rock excavation 9,0-11 €/m³
Transportation of excavated materials away from the construction site
(when the excavated material can not be used for backfilling).
1,5-3,0  €/m³
Backfilling with crusher run (Quality B - recycled from demolition) 8,0-10 €/m³
Backfilling with crusher run (Quality A - from quarry) 16 €/m³
Backfilling with crusher run (Quality B from quarry) including compaction 12 €/m³
Backfill with suitable excavated materials 8 - 11      €/m³
Planting soil for gardens 15 - 18    €/m³
Pile foundation diameter 60 cm
(includes, drilling, reinforcement and concrete)
150         €/m


Cost for procurement, pouring and provisions for correct curing

Job Description Unit Price
Blinding concrete below foundations C15 70         €/m³
Concrete for foundations C25/30 - C30/37 75-80     €/m³
Concrete for columns C25/30 - C30/37 85-90     €/m³
Concrete for slabs and beams C25/30 - C30/37 80-85     €/m³
10 cm thick slab on soil, suitable for car movement
(includes: soil compaction, PVC membrane, rebar, concrete, surface texture)
13 - 16   €/m²
15 cm slab on soil suitable for car movement
(includes: soil compaction, PVC membrane, rebar, concrete, surface texture)
15 - 18   €/m²
construction cost in Cyprus price in Euro


Job Description Unit Price
Supply and placement of Β500C rebar
(market price of steel is 0,45 €/kg and placement cost is 0,26 €/kg)
0,7 - 0,85  €/kg
Supply and placement of #Υ6 Β500C rebar grid 4,00  €/kg
Supply and placement of #Υ8/20 Β500C rebar grid 5,00  €/kg
Supply and placement of #Υ10/20 Β500C rebar grid 7,00  €/kg



Job Description Unit Price
Approximate cost per kg (completed and installed structure) 2.5  €/kg
Steel sections S235 0.80  €/kg
Welding cost (filled welds 8 mm) 10,00  €/m
Painting - Three layers of corrosion resistant system 10-15  €/L


Job Description Unit Price
a) Regular type brick   
    Thickness 10 cm 24,00  €/m²
    Thickness  20 cm 30,00  €/m²
    Thickness 25 cm 35,00  €/m²
    Thickness 25 cm with 5 cm thermal  insulation 55,00  €/m²
b) Klimalite - Daliko:   
     Thickness 10 cm 24,00  €/m²
     Thickness 20 cm 35,00  €/m²
c) YTONG   
     Thickness 10 cm ( €14/m² materials + €15/m² labour) 33,00  €/m²
     Thickness 20 cm( €25/m² materials + €15/m² labour ) 40,00  €/m²
     Thickness 25 cm (€30/m² materials + €15/m² labour) 45,00  €/m²
d) Lintels   
     Steel lintels (Catnic® 10 cm) 13,50  €/m
     Steel lintels (Catnic® 20 cm) 20,50  €/m
     Steel lintels (Catnic® 25 cm) 25,50  €/m
     Reinforced concrete lintel 25x20 cm 35,00  €/m
e) Cement Blocks:   
     Regular (€10/m² material +  €15 labour ) 25,00  €/m²
     Fair Face (€15/m² material + €20 labour) 35,00 


Job Description Unit Price
Interior Rendering (three layers) 12 - 17  €/m²
Exterior Rendering (three layers) 15 - 18  €/m²
Two layer rendering, ready for tile placing 12 - 15  €/m²
Window sill 40 - 45  €/m
Window sill (labor only) 16 -22  €/m
Carbon or other types of fibres & SBR in plastering mixtures   + 1,50 €/m²
Two layers of Superplast® rendering 8 - 10  €/m²
Steel angle at wall edges   
Steel wire mesh at the connections of brick walls to concrete elements 1€/m


Job Description Unit Price
 PVC membrane 1,80   €/m²
Three layers of FlintCoat(co-polymer elastomeric emulsion exterior protective coating) 4,00   €/m²
Three layers of benacote 12,00  €/m²
Protection panel with honeycomb cells
(drains water from wall surfaces and creates ventilation to reduce humidity
and the risk of water infiltration into foundations)
3,50    €/m²
Triangular fillet 4,00   €/m
Bitumen waterproof membrane 4 mm 9,00   €/m²
Concrete for slope fill 7 mm 13,00  €/m²
Hydrophilic expandable rubber strip for watertight construction (Mapei Idrostop) 25,00  €/m²
Moisture protection paint on ff concrete or natural stone 1,00    €/m²
Epoxy overlay for vehicular
and pedestrian traffic
Τσιμεντοειδής μόνωση της Gevo με δίκτυ 18,00  €/m²
Ασφαλτικό γαλάκτωμα σε επιφάνειες που θα επιχωματωθούν
(2 χέρια βουρτσας & 1 χέρι μύστρας)
3,00    €/m²


Job Description Unit Price
Sprayed-Foam Polyurethane Insulation  €/m²
Polyisocyanurate (polyiso)   
Polystyrene foam board (XPS) 50 mm on roof 7,50 €/m²
Polystyrene foam board (XPS) 40 mm on roof 6,50 €/m²
Polystyrene foam board (XPS) 30 mm on roof 5,50 €/m²
White gravel on roof 10 cm thick 4,00 €/m²
Geotextile 1,20 €/m²
Reflecting roof paint 3,00 €/m²
Two layers of  Special Polyester 4 mm 9,00 €/m²


Job Description Unit Price
Foam Concrete 8,00    €/m²

C25/30 concrete with small aggregates for slope preparation for tiles.

Thickness: 75-100 mm

10,25  €/m²
Tiles placing (labour only) 22,00   €/m²
Granite placing (labour only) 32,00   €/m²
Marble placing (labour only) 32,00   €/m²
Karystos Stone placing (labour only) 25,00   €/m²
Ceramic tiles at bathrooms and kitchens (labour only) 25,00   €/m²
Stairs placing 40,00   €/step
Door sill (material + placing) 35,00   €/piece
Door sill (placing only) 18,00   €/piece
Smooth concrete floor 16,00   €/m²
Mosaic for swimming pools (labor on 35,00   €/m²
Traditional stone (thickness 20 cm) 83,00   €/m²
Anogyra stone on walls (€20 material + €32 placing) 52,00   €/m²


Job Description Unit Price
Hip roof (all materials included) 80,00   €/m²
Two-way roof (all materials included) 72,00   €/m²
One-way roof (all materials included) 68,00   €/m²


Job Description Unit Price
Interior paint on wall DULUX 4,00     €/m²
Exterior paint on wall DULUX 5,30     €/m²
Plaster & paint at ceiling 7,50     €/m²
Grafiato exterior plaster 11,00   €/m²
Exterior Plaster & paint at ceiling and parapets 8,50     €/m²
Painting of metal railings 12,00    €/m
Venetian Plaster (Stucco Veneciano)   
Hammerite Metalmaster Gun   



Job Description Unit Price
UPVC Pipe 2" (51 mm) 6,00   €/m
UPVC 2,5" (63,5 mm) 7,00   €/m
UPVC 3" (75 mm) 10,00  €/m
UPVC 4" (100 mm) 12,00  €/m
UPVC 6" (150 mm) 14,00  €/m
Pit for the connection to the sewerage 400,00 €/piece
Septic tank 550,00 €/piece
Waste water well 600,00 €/piece
Waste water pit 45x45 cm 85,00   €/piece
Waste water pit 60x60 cm 120,00  €/piece



Job Description Unit Price
Stone building 18,00€/hour
Labourer 13,00€/hour
Untrained labourer 12,00  €/hour
Masonries 16,00  €/hour
Steel reinforcement placing 16,00  €/hour
Rendering 15,00  €/hour
Plumber 14,00  €/hour
House Cleaner 12,00  €/hour
Excavator Operator 16,00  €/hour
Woodwork 14,00  €/hour
Painter 14,00  €/hour
Electrical Technician 14,00  €/hour
Welder 15,00  €/hour
Surveyor 25,00  €/hour


Job Description Unit Price
Hand-held demolition hummer, operator included. 15,00   €/hour
Truck: 18-20 Τ, operator included. 45,00   €/hour
Excavator CAT 950, operator included. 500      €/hour
Rock breaker CAT 325, operator included. 50,00   €/hour
Concrete vibrator 50 mm, operator included. 2,00    €/hour
Fork-lift 17 m, operator included. 45,00   €/hour
Back-hoe loader 4x4 without rock breaker, operator included. 25,00   €/hour
Back-hoe loader 4x4 with rock breaker, operator included. 38,00   €/hour
Temporary toilets e.g. easy-loo 110      €/month
Micro piling 400,00  €/hour