Restoration of the Theoskepasti Church

Theoskepasti Church is one of the most importact landmarks of Papahos. It is located at the heart of Kato Paphos on top of a rock protrusion. Besides being a symbol of the city of Paphos, it's also a characteristic example of church architecture and skilful masonry construction of the 19 century Cyprus. Stone from Paphos area (Chloraka, Kissonerga and the visinity) has been used for its construction. That stone is characterised by low mechanical properties. As a result of the proximity of the church to the sea and the high winter winds at the area the structure had obvious exterior damage which called for restoration.

  • Architect/Engineer: Kartsonaki
  • Location: Kato Paphos
  • Period: 2008-2009
Restoration of Thoskepasti Church Kato Paphos


Work on site began in November 2008. The contract called for a full restoration of the church exterior. Removal of the entrance columns and new stone columns with carbonfibre reinforcement for earthquake resistance. Extraction and replacement of the all deteriorated wall stones. Full removal of the bell tower and rebuilding using new stones and special carbon reinforcing techniques.

Restoration Theoskepasti church Paphos


The project schedule was very tight because at the Spring time the church attracts a great number of visitors due to local celebrations and the beginning of the touristic season. Furthermore, the strict specifications for maintaining the original stone material and replacing with new stone if only it could not be restored, dictated a detailed attention to every single stone block of the church. Another challenge was to successfully implement carbon reinforcement and epoxy materials in a stone structure.