Stone has been used in building construction for millennia. In modern times stones are being used for the construction of stone house in combination with reinforced concrete. Stone is also widely used in landscaping for the construction of fencing walls.

Pivate villa construction in Letymbou Paphos 6

Stone is selected for its unique aesthetic results, its structural strength, its durability in time and its low maintenance cost. For building a stone house, hundreds of huge, natural blocks must be cut in the desired size and then prepare to desired surface finish. Then, the stone mason will build the stone in the correct position to get the desired pattern.

Minas Mina stone building Lasa project

In our every day contact we are called to build stone (Stone houses, fireplaces, landscaping, retaining walls etc.). Firstly, we choose the suitable stone material in accordance to the desire of the owner or architect. We prefer stone types of high compressive strength, durability to rainwater and environmental element. Secondly, our in-house team of stone masons will build the selected stone to the desired pattern according to our standardized building techniques which guarantees top quality.

interior stone wall building